All There Is To Know About Drinking Roulette

Drinking roulette is also known as shot roulette. This game of chance features a wheel with several shots at the edge of the wheel. Each of the glasses on the edge of the wheel has two numbers embedded on them. These numbers correspond to the numbers written on the wheel.

The fun part about playing is that it does not have set game rules. However, it is vital to have a clear understanding of how to play and enhance your chances of having the best time. We have shared a few takeaways.

How To Play Shot Roulette

During your turn, you will spin the wheel, after which you will sip the drink content of the appropriate glass. If the content of a given drink has already been consumed, then you will not have a shot in that particular round. It is set to continue until all the shot glasses are 100% empty.

There is a wide range of the game:

  • French roulette
  • Vodka roulette
  • American Roulette

If you have never tried any of these games before, it is good to take your time and learn a thing or two about each of them.

Pick Your Glasses

While playing shot roulette, each player is supposed to take possession of a specific number of glasses. For instance, if you are five players, then five glasses each is the best number. Once the wheel is spun, the relevant owner of the glass will sip down the content.

The benefit of this type of game is that everyone will take no more than five glasses and make a fool of themselves. Also, before the game starts, it is vital to get a drink that each player is comfortable with. It is advisable to stay safe while you enjoy playing.

The Fun Part Of The Game

The game is all about taking shots. Therefore, after some time, you might start getting a bit drunk. As long as you picked your favorite drink, it can be entertaining, mostly when played with friends. Maybe you thought you would not take too many shots, but your hopes get thwarted.

After a few moments, because you are drunk, you start to appreciate the fact that it happened. You start singing and praising your spinning skills – you won! You are also free to have a wide range of drinks as long as you do not exceed the recommended number of glasses.

Who Can Play Drink Roulette?

This is a game that can be played by people of all ages. However, kids should not get involved in playing unless the players are willing to use non-alcoholic drinks. As for adults, a lot of care needs to be taken since it might not be entirely safe. This is because it entails drinking of alcohol.

Once each player has had enough drinks, it is advisable to stop for a while and continue later on. There might be mental or physical implications if too much alcohol is consumed within a short duration of time.

Can I Play Shot Roulette Online?

Yes, it is possible to enjoy drink roulette online. Many developers have created online simulators putting out random results for added fun for those wanting to play. Better yet, you can download free apps that let you play the game on your phone or tablet.

However, for more practical experience, it is advisable to consider buying the game from various online dealers. They come in different sizes and designs, so you are free to choose one that would best suit your needs. Try to get one that comes in s compact design.

Where Can I Buy Drink Roulette?

Shot roulette is an affordable table game which is readily available online or offline. Also, it can be played over the weekend or at a party with friends and family members. Some people choose to buy it in regular stores. But some reputable online sellers will offer you great deals if you place an order on their official sites.

It might take time to be delivered, but the offer might be worth it. That said, once you have figured out the best type of table to get, you can either buy it online or offline.

People play shot roulette with different intentions. Some want to take fewer shots and laugh at their friends, while others are looking to get drunk. Therefore, when you think you have won, others might be celebrating your loss.

Also, you are free to agree on a set of your own rules as long as you are all okay with them. For instance, you can decide to find the player who gets the fewest shots just to make the game more interesting. At the end of the day, everyone should be happy because they had a great time playing drinking roulette.