bitcoin roulette

Bitcoin Roulette – How to play roulette with Bitcoin

With cryptocurrencies becoming more popular every day, a number of online casinos and gambling sites have introduced the option to play with your digital tokens. It is this form of gambling that has come to be known as Bitcoin roulette. It is similar to and based on the European game.

As with any other variation of this game, when gambling with cryptocurrencies, you stake on either inside or outside bets with the only difference being that the processing of bets is much quicker, easier, and efficient. Some sites allow their users to simply deposit from their wallets to the registered bets directly.

Bitcoin roulette preference

Many people around the world are finding crypto roulette to be their preferred game in online casinos. This is because of the worldwide trend of people appreciating the use of digital assets as a store of value due to its decentralized nature. With online casinos now offering the option of depositing coins directly from your wallet to dynamically registered bets on the casino and gambling site, people find it to be extremely appealing.

Additionally, all wins when playing can be withdrawn as cryptocurrencies into your digital wallet easily and conveniently.

Bitcoin roulette and anonymity

Many gamblers and visitors prefer anonymity for privacy reasons among others. The traditional roulette games offered on the casinos and gambling sites were nowhere near guaranteeing the privacy and anonymity of their visitors.

However, you can this style by playing on gambling sites with the guarantee that your identity will remain private.

This is the case because crypto gambling offered on many casinos is facilitated by the anonymous and decentralized nature of cryptocurrency transactions. Therefore all your deposits and withdrawals to and from the site are totally anonymous.

What to consider when playing Bitcoin roulette

Whereas versions of gambling is on the fast lane in terms of popularity and acceptance or preference, there are a few things to consider before and when playing the roulette variation. You should consider your jurisdiction before playing.

This is because some countries or jurisdictions have legislation that makes online gambling illegal and one can be tried and sentenced for engaging in online gambling.

Additionally, you should take into consideration the rules of this game. It is also important to consider being knowledgeable about how deposits and withdrawals work on online casinos and gambling sites.

Advantages of playing Bitcoin roulette

In addition to the efficiency of playing this way, the game has a couple more advantages to it. First, it guarantees you that you will not have to reveal or expose any of your financial information.

Hackers have been known to fish for credit card numbers of people randomly from online casinos and gambling sites but with crypto, this risk is done away with. Secondly, the sites that offer digital asset games allow their players to check and verify the results of their bets.

This way, you can ascertain that the results of your bets are truly and indeed random.

How to start playing Bitcoin roulette

If you are new to this way of playing, then here is how to get started. First, you will need to have an active cryptocurrency account and wallet. Such wallets can easily be opened online.

After setting up your wallet, you will need to deposit or transfer coins into the wallet in order to enable you to send them to your online casino account of your choosing. If you do not have such an online account, you can simply open one on your preferred  casino or gambling site so that you can access the offered games.

Depositing money to your online casino account

After setting up both your Bitcoin account and wallet and the casino account, you will need to transfer some tokens to the online casino account for you to have stake amounts to play with.

You can acquire cryptocurrencies from major websites such as Coinbase.

Thereafter, you will need to log onto your online casino account and press “Deposit”. This action will give generate a series of numbers and letters that are the address for your account. It is known as the Bitcoin Receiver ID. You will need to copy the ID and paste it on your wallet then send the desired amount.


With the advent of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin roulette is becoming ever popular than before. The game has various variations and you can choose to play the European wheel, American roulette or even the French wheel.

It is a better way to enjoy your online casino because it ensures privacy in that you do not need to reveal your financial details. Additionally, your privacy is totally guaranteed when playing this way. You will find in this article how to set up a wallet account and how to buy coinss and transfer them to the casino account of your choosing.