card roulette

What is Card Roulette?

With many card games out there, you might be wondering what card roulette entails. This game is often confused for a credit card game, but this is a different version. Instead of having the numbers printed on the roulette wheel, in this game the numbers are replaced by values from a deck of cards.

In this game, there are 54 different pockets, which translates to 54 different cards including jokers. This means there are not only more decks, which gives you a bigger chance of winning, but you also get more options for placing your bets.

Card Roulette Rules

When it comes to rules for card roulette, you have to understand that the game borrows a lot from all other versions of Roulette. You can choose your wager amount, then make a decision on what you would like to bet on. When you’re ready, you simply hit the spin button and begin the round.

However, in card roulette you are betting on cards from a standard deck, so numbers are listed as:

  • A-5
  • 6-10
  • Face cards
  • J, Q, and K

The ball shoots onto the wheel and rests on one of the pockets of the wheel.

How to play card roulette

One thing you will notice about card roulette is the familiarity, as it is played on a compact table with a roulette wheel and a series of sequenced numbers, each representing a card in a single deck. Before the wheel spins, you have to place your bets on the surrounding green baize.

This game allows you to place more than one bet simultaneously, and most of the options are similar to what you will find on the traditional roulette wheel. In addition, you can wager on a specific suit regardless of whether the card is black or red.

Understanding card roulette

The beauty of card roulette is that it even allows you the option to bet on high-value cards such as:

  • Queen
  • Ace
  • King
  • Jack

Also, you can play with medium cards (10, 9, 8, 7, 6) or low cards (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). This gives you great diversity of betting options and allows you to optimize your strategy to improve your chances of winning.

When you consider pay-out ratios, the game offers values similar to what you get from the traditional roulette game. Success depends on your strategy and luck, as this is a game highly influenced by chance.

Card roulette spinning strategy

Understanding how to play card roulette improves your chances of winning. However, since this is a game influenced by luck, you cannot say there is one solid secret. But there are some ideas you could try that may make it easier to win if you are consistent.

For example, you can use already-available statistics on your screen as a way to predict where the ball will land. These statistics are a combination of various factors and by and large, reflect the possible path the ball will take but do not assume this is a guaranteed solution as this is a game of chance.

Card roulette features

While card roulette may appear different from the normal roulette game, many of the features available are similar to what you will find on other versions of roulette. You expect to find features like

  • Repeat Bet (repeat your last bet including the wager amount)
  • Repeat and Spin (quickly play using the same wager and number again)
  • Turbo Mode (removes animations and goes straight to the winning number, thereby speeding up rounds)

You can also use autoplay, which means you set the game to automatically play several rounds with similar numbers and wager on each new round.


If you are looking for an interesting alternative to the standard roulette game, card roulette offers you a good option. The game gives players many chances of winning with varied limits to suit all budgets, although one can win eye-watering amounts. The game also includes many features that allow you to customize your experience and help you raise your chances.

Overall, it’s about how well you can modify spins to maximize your chances of landing on the right card. Just be sure to read the guidelines of the game and you can get started.

Additionally, card roulette can be played on both desktop and mobile devices without having to download any app. The game is thrilling and exciting if you know how to follow its different rules. Players can get amazing payouts because of the extra numbers that make each spin more exciting.

Overall, the game is fantastic and designed well as an improvement over the traditional roulette version. Most importantly, with the turbo and autoplay modes, you can increase the number of games you can play within a short period of time. See the different features to learn why this game stands out.