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Different ways to play roulette at a casino

Roulette is one of the best games you can enjoy playing at a casino. However, as fun as the game can be, you have to understand how to play it. The same applies when you’re placing your bets. There are different ways to play this game at a casino and as a player, you should at least have a good understanding of some or all of them.

However, it’s not a crime not to know how to play roulette in different ways. Gaming is a continuous learning process. You must start from somewhere then learn as you gain experience.

Where to play roulette?

Traditionally, this game was only available at brick and mortar casinos. For you to enjoy the game you had to walk into a casino then join other players at a roulette table. However, with the technological advancements, we now have the online casino platforms where you can enjoy playing from the comfort of your home or office.

You just need to log in to your online casino app from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet. The difference between online and physical casino roulette is close to none apart from one being physical and the other online. The rules of the game remain the same.

Ways of playing roulette

The wheel comprises a disk with divisions around its edge that revolve around a bowl’s bottom. First, a ball is spun on the outside edge of the bowl until the ball and the wheel come to rest with one of the marked divisions.

Players start by betting and then a ball is thrown into the wheel. While the ball is rolling, players can still bet until the dealer stops them. If there is any winner who placed a bet on the section, number, or color on where the ball landed, they are rewarded accordingly.

Playing roulette using inside bets

A lot of interest in this game comes from the large number of different bets which can be placed and the associated odds. Inside bets are usually placed directly onto one or more numbers. Inside bets include split, straight-up, the street or side, the corner or square, the five-number, and the line bet.

The splits are usually placed across the line dividing the two numbers while straight-ups are usually placed inside the box that shows the number on which the player wants to put his or her bet.

Playing roulette using outside bets

Playing using outside wagers is one of the best ways that you can play to increase your chances of winning money and minimizing the risk of losing. Outside bets are the bets placed on groups of numbers. Players can use this way of playing roulette by using the dozens, the column, the even or odd, the low or high, and the black or red bet.

The column bet, for instance, is done by placing a bet onto the unique square towards the end of the 3 columns of twelve numbers.

Different roulette betting strategies

As a player, you must be knowledgeable about the different strategies that you can employ to increase your chances of winning. One of the strategies is the Martingale strategy where each time a wager is placed and is lost, the same one should be repeated but now with 2x the money.

This strategy is a sure guarantee if you desire to break even because you just need to win once in order to cover losing streaks. However, with this way, you must make sure that you start from the minimum bet or you’ll be forced to contend with larger stakes thereafter.

Grand Martingale betting strategy

Another way many players use to maximize winnings and reduce loss when playing roulette is the Grand Martingale, which is a more costly variant of the regular Martingale strategy of playing. The Grand Martingale system works exactly the same way as the regular Martingale, but with the promise of bigger wins.

For each and every time a player doubles a bet, an extra amount is added that equals the initial wager. If you start from a minimum bet, this means that you will always double your losing wager plus you’ll add on top of that one more minimum bet.

One other way of playing roulette, especially when you are a beginner, is by using the so-called James Bond strategy that involves placing a combination of bets which will most likely give you the best possible odds of winning.

To follow this strategy, you will need to place these following bets on exactly the same spin: €10 onto the zero, €140 onto the 19-36 box and €50 onto the 13-18 box. This is actually the best strategy to win because you’ll only lose if the wheel stops with the ball resting on a number that is between 1 and 12.


How do you play roulette for beginners?

It’s very easy to learn how to play and we would recommend that you read our other guides on How to Choose a Top Online Live Roulette Casino and Different ways to play Roulette at a casino before you start playing.

What are the rules of roulette?

This is a very simple game and luck is involves in every spin you do. Your job is to place bets on numbers or colors where you think the ball will land. When the ball is spun you can add extra wagers if you feel confident. You win by either hitting the right number or color.