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Benefits of Joining a Roulette Forum

Roulette is a well-known table game that many land-based and online casinos feature in their game lobby. The game provides players with lots of fun and it is easy to learn. It is played using three main components – the betting table, the wheel, and the ball. The primary aim of the game is for players to predict the pocket where the ball will land after the wheel is spun.

In this article, we will discuss all the essential things you need to know about the game, as well as the benefits of joining a site.

How Roulette is Played

To start a game, whether it is the online version or the physical table game, you will need to place a bet. All bets are placed on the betting table. The betting table consists of two different sections – the inside bet section, and the outside bet section.

Once all bets are placed, the croupier will spin the wheel in a clockwise direction and throw the ball in an anticlockwise direction. Whichever numbered pocket in the wheel the ball lands in at the end of the spin is the winning number of that particular game round.

Understanding Inside and Outside Bets

As we mentioned in the preceding paragraph, there are basically two categories of bets allowed in roulette. The inside bets are direct bets on a number or group of numbers. Some of the common inside bets in roulette are:

  • Straight
  • Split
  • Corner
  • Street
  • Six line
  • Outside

However, outside bets are bets on a particular characteristic of the numbers. The common outside bets are:

  • Dozen bet
  • Bet on colors
  • Even/Odd bet
  • Column bet

The wheel consists of different pockets that are numbered depending on the variation of the game.

Roulette Variations

There are several variations of the game featured in land-based and online casinos. The popular variations include European, French, and American. In the European version, there are 37 numbered pockets in the wheel, a single zero, and 1 to 36. In American style, however, there are 38 numbered pockets, a single zero, the green double zero, and 1 to 36. The French version is exactly like European, except for the addition of some extra rules, which are the En Prison and La Partage rule.

All variations of roulette are played the same way.

Roulette Payout

This game is among the table games that offer the best payout. The payout depends on the kind of bet wagered. For straight bet, which is a wager on a single number, the payout is 35:1. This means that if you wager €1 on a straight bet and your prediction is right, you will get €35 as winnings.

For Split wager, the payout offered is 17:1, regardless of whether you are playing European, American, or French version. Street, Corner, and Dozen bet offer payouts of 11:1, 8:1, and 2:1 respectively.

What Does a Roulette Forum Mean?

In simple terms, a forum can be defined as an independent and uncensored platform where players can come together to discuss everything concerning the game. Just like regular forums, you may need to create an account before you can join a particular forum and engage in discussion with other members of the forum.

There are several sites available online, which you can join for free without paying any registration fees. In this next section, we will discuss in detail the different benefits you stand to gain from joining one.

Benefits of Joining a Roulette Forum

There are plenty of benefits that come with joining a site like this. First, you will get the opportunity to share your ideas freely with other members of the forum and also read through their ideas. Apart from that, if you have any questions concerning the game, it is the best place for you to ask and get honest answers. There are several helpful contents you can access on a site like this and you can use strategies discussed in the forum to improve your playing style and chances of winning while playing.

Another benefit of joining a group of players is that you will have the opportunity to find different unbiased system reviews. You will also be able to discover top casinos that offer incredible bonuses that you can claim and use for roulette games.

In addition to that, joining a group will allow you to stay up-to-date with different casinos that offer the best variations. You can also make real-life friends, as you get to mingle with new people and share game experiences that can be of help to you when playing roulette games.