Roulette Table Layouts Explained in Simple Steps

Roulette is a renowned casino game where gamers place bets against the house. Since its inception in the casino industry, the game has gained popularity, where it is now widely played in both land-based and online casinos. If you’re looking forward to having a thrilling experience and adventure when playing this game, you need to understand the betting rules first.

The table comprises two sections, namely the betting layout and the wheel itself. The layouts differ with the variant of the game being offered. European, French, and American are the most featured variants in the casino industry.

Roulette Table Vs the Wheel – What’s the difference?

Both the wheel and the table form the layout set. As a professional player, it’s critical and essential to understanding there is a difference between the different parts. The alternation of the black and red pockets is randomized; considering the two does not represent a specific section of the wheel.

The layout of the European variant is different from the American version. The European design features 37 pockets, whereas the American plan comes with 38 pockets. The house edge and odds are also distinct. However, the gameplay is the same.

Roulette table layouts – betting for both American and European variants

The table layouts for both American and European versions are much the same. The only notable difference is that the American variant features a betting area for the famous 00 pockets. Additionally, American style allows players to place bets on the additional types of bets, other than the common inside and outside bets.

The payouts are determined by columns, high/lows, even/odds, dozens, colors, and splits. Due to the high number of betting fanatics who enjoy placing bets on roulette, casinos have introduced a rapid system. As a player, you’re offered your seat and allowed to bet electronically.

How do the table layouts differ?

Roulette is a sophisticated yet fantastic game of chance. Today, the three main game variants are offered by most casinos, online and land-based. Each variant has a unique wheel, but there’s yet another difference between the American and European, and French tables.

The French layout features the wheel right in the middle of the table, with the inside and outside bets placed on either side of it. In the American and European versions, the wheel is usually placed in the corner of the table, with the bets spaced out evenly throughout the remaining space on the table.

American roulette table layout

You don’t need to have learned special gaming skills to place bets on the American layout. Termed as a game of chance, players can easily make a fortune, considering every spin is independent. Unlike the other variants, the American version comes with extra double zero slots. Most gamers term the slots as insignificant, yet they’re responsible for raising the house edge to 5.26%.

The payouts are determined by the:

  • Colors
  • Columns
  • Straights
  • Splits

You can also place other bets on this table layout, other than the common outside and inside bets.

The European roulette table layout

The European layout is convenient and engaging. The table features 36 numbers plus an extra zero of a particular color. If you place your favorite bet on a slot, string of other figures, or a group of numbers, the bet is termed as an inside bet. The outside chance accounts for odd or even and black or red color bets.

The European variant table layout has one zero slot as compared to the American variant that has double zero slots. This leads to the dropping of the house edge up to 2.70% and increasing your ultimate possibility of pocketing winnings.

The logic behind the roulette table layout and FAQs

Roulette is a balanced table game that you can’t afford to miss out on playing. To enjoy this game, you need to understand the basic layout, the sequence, and logic behind the play. French and American versions show gamers both the outside and the inside bets.

The pockets are numbered on a corresponding series. However, the French layout is different from the American and the European versions as the bet names are indicated in French. However, the superficial differences between the three variants do not impact the RTP. Options with announced bets also feature the racetrack.


Knowing roulette means having better chances of winning. The game features different odds and probabilities. Understanding how the odds, prospects, and table layouts work puts you in a better position to get a better grasp of the game.

What differentiates the neighbor bets from the call bets? How different are the American and European layouts?

To have a swift betting experience, you can read a few of the frequently asked questions regarding the game. This way, you’ll be able to differentiate a layout from the other. Also, check on the roulette betting rules before playing with real money.