The Highest Number On Roulette Wheel

It is fairly accurate to mention that at least every one of us has seen a roulette wheel in our lives. However, you might not have taken the time to find out what the highest number is. The most direct answer is that a standard has a maximum of 37 pockets numbered from 0 to 36.

However, the American version has a maximum of 38, and two of them are marked zero. When the round has commenced, the poker agent will spin the wheel and drop the ball on the outside ring.

Main Components Of Roulette Wheel

When the speed of the wheel slows down, the ball drops in one of the numbers, hence determining the winner. It has more components that are worth mentioning in detail. The diamonds are the obstacles put in place to change the trajectory of the ball. They ensure accurate, random, and unbiased results.

The rotor is the mechanism that makes it spin. Pockets are the 38 or 37 numbered pockets, they might be black or red, but the zero is always green. The outer part is known as the base.

The European Roulette Wheel

The European wheel is one of the most popular ones and has been there since the 18th century. It has a total of 37 pockets, which are numbered 0 to 36. It has slots that can either be red or black, but the one marked 0 is always green. In case of variations, you will always see that the even-numbered pockets are red while the odd ones are black.

As mentioned earlier, what makes this version different is that it only has one zero-numbered pocket. For all singe-number bets, each player has a 1/37 probability of winning.

The American Roulette Wheel

This wheel’s major components are similar to the European one. But there are slight variations that are worth mentioning. The diamond, ball track, and rotor are entirely similar, but there is a difference in the pockets.

The American version has an extra pocket numbered 00.

Significantly, this has a major impact on the chances and number of paid bets. For instance, it has a house edge of 5.26%, which is 2.56% higher compared to the European version. Therefore, you have the chance to win more often on your bets while playing on the European.

The 00 and 0 Bets

The extra 00 on the American version allows players to place two additional bets. The first ones are the 0 and 00, both of which are single-number bets. They both come with a chance of 2.78% or 1/37. Fortunately, the payout for the wager placed on either 0 or 00 is equal to that of the European variant, although there is an additional pocket.

If your prediction is correct, in either case, you stand a chance to win 35x the amount you wagered. It is crucial to understand your table in detail before you begin.

The Most Popular Wheel Numbers

Any veteran player will admit that any roulette wheels produced at least 50 years ago are more accurate. Besides being bias-free, they function perfectly without any problem.

Some players believe that the longer a given number has stayed without being picked, the higher the possibility that it will happen. This explains why many modern software producers create digital versions with cold and hot sections. This helps the players to see the numbers that have been picked the least and the most.

Though this might not always be helpful, certain numbers indeed tend to appear many times.

How Roulette Wheel Started

Though it is quite unclear when exactly the first one was created, some sources suggest that it was around the 17th century. In 1720, Blaise Pascal, a Frenchman, came up with a primitive roulette wheel while trying to find a perpetual motion machine. More than one century later, the casino tables we see today found their way into the European casino floors.

Francois Blanc was the man who introduced the first model with a pocket the features only one zero. However, this was a huge deal as it gave the house a larger advantage.

Many years later, the roulette table became one of the most common casino games in both North America and Europe and in other parts of the world. Several decades have passed and there haven’t been any significant alterations in the way roulette wheels are made. This is because they just work perfectly.

Thankfully, due to technology, highly advanced roulette tables have been created that help to eliminate bias that might take place due to imperfections of the wheel being used. They are also more durable compared to the materials that were used to make the older ones.